First Time on this Platform

As part of using our platform, representations (or entities) are created to represent things such as devices, applications, and organizations. These entities are managed using our APIs and our administration console.

Here, you can learn how to create an account and use the administration console to create a representation called an organization entity. You need both to start using our platform. Here's what we'll be doing:

Tutorial workflow - draft

  1. Create an account on the BlackBerry IoT Platform.
  2. Create an organization entity in the administration console in the BlackBerry IoT Platform.

Tip: Before you continue, consider reading the Platform Fundamentals to get a better understanding of the entities you work with on our platform.

1. Create and activate an account

(Estimated time to complete: Two minutes)

Before you can start using the BlackBerry IoT Platform, you have to sign-in using an account.

Note: Depending on where you are in the process with working with the BlackBerry IoT Platform, you may need to sign up for a Trial. This approval process can take up to 24 hours.

  1. Go to
  2. Provide your email, name, and password:

    Sign up page

  3. Check your email. You should see a message has instructions to activate your account.

After you activate your account from your email, you are logged in to the administration console.

2. Create an organization

(Estimated time to complete: Two minutes)

The administration console is a hosted web application you use to work with the BlackBerry IoT Platform. To logically group and work with entities on our platform, you can create an organization.

Note: Since it's your first time on our platform, we suggest use this organization as a sandbox. So don't choose a name that represents a real company or a name you want to use later.

  1. In the the administration console, click Create Organization.

    Create an organization

  2. In the Add Organization dialog box, in the Name box, type an organization name, such as '[Your_Name]_' + 'Sandbox', and click Create. For example:

    Create an organization

Now that you have an organization, you can create other entities on our platform, such as an application or device entity. For more information, see Create an application and Create a device.