The BlackBerry IoT Platform HTTPS REST API provides an easy way for applications to connect to the cloud. The REST API is best suited for applications that natively support REST. Other BlackBerry IoT Platform SDKs, such as the BlackBerry IoT Platform Client Library, utilize the REST APIs as part its internal implementation, but make it easier for the language you're developing with. When possible, you use the applicable SDK to work with the BlackBerry IoT Platform.

All calls that are made to the REST API use an access token. On the BlackBerry IoT Platform, the following flows are supported to get an access token using OAuth 2.0 endpoints:

For more information about user-based and device-based authentication, see Understanding authentication.

About the REST API

The REST APIs allow you to work with a number of entities that include:

The REST API documentation has as web interface. You can read and experiment with the APIs to learn about them. For example, you can use the following REST API to find out all the devices that are associated with a user as shown on this webpage: